Taste of Provence, April 12-20

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Taste of Provence, April 12-20

Taste of Provence, April 12-20

April is a perfect time to visit Provence! Mother nature is fully awake after the months of long winter. The Sun shines brightly. It is a great to rest on the terrace of a small cafe, drinking rose wine, gazing — observing the magnificent views. Everywhere, as far as one can see, there are flowers of any color and shape And day to day it becomes more and more spectacular. And the smell… You can just close your eyes and breath — thousands of different fragrances are mixed together in one breathtaking symphony. It did not happen by accident, that this region on the South of France has become the world capitol of perfumes. One does not need to do much to get inspired — just stand still, look around, smell and listen…

What are we going to do?

Arrival 12.04.2014 — we meet in Nice (at the airport or in the city center), transfer to Cabris and check-in at the hotel. After that we are going to have a small sightseeing excursion around the village.

Day 1.
We will magically go back in time by visiting the medieval festival in a place called Tourrette Levens. During this fest the whole town is a theater, and all the men and women are players. It represents the life and legends the way they were centuries ago. People dress up in costumes. Everywhere you go you will find street performers, music and dancing. You will be able to try medieval food, and see work of local craftsmen.

In the evening you will have a dinner on a terrace, with a picturesque view on the hills of Provence and Mediterranean Sea. And we can assure you, you have never seen a sunset like that!

Day 2.
We will learn the basics of french cuisine, cooking meat — daube provençale, grilled meat with herbs, lamb ribs… and lots and lots of vegetables! One cannot imagine Provençale cuisine without them. Fresh, aromatic and so tasty!

After diner we will go to Grasse. The world capitol of perfumes, for mass-audience it is known from the «Perfume», by Patrick Süskind. And no doubts, the city deserved it, as every new month brings new fragrances, as different kinds of flowers start to blossom. By the way, the first perfume was created here. That’s why we have decided to visit the Perfumery museum, known all over the world. Afterwards we are going to walk through old and charming streets of the city, and have supper in one of little lovely restaurants.

La vie en Roses.
Or «The life in pink». Provence is also famous for its wines, rose wine in particular. We are going to visit a collection of wines, where about 700 wines are gathered from all over region. We will have an excursion around the winery, and observe magnificent fields where grapes is raised.

Day 4.
We will learn about fish and seafood, as without them Provence would not be the same. We will not only learn to cook, but also how to clean fish and open oysters.
After dinner we will go to the seaside, to Cannes for sightseeing. Also we will have supper in one of the most tasty restaurants of the seashore.

Day 5.
We will be welcomed to the Au Pays d’Audrey farm, where there are lots of fruit trees, grapes and more than 400 olive trees. Also it produces jasmine, iris, roses, violets and orange flowers for a well-known cosmetic company l’Occitane. It produces olive oil and amazing soap with violet and rose flowers as well.
Plus to that, we will have a masterclass, cooking provencal appetizers.

After the farm, we will travel to old olive mill, that produces second to none olive oil in the region. Which is pretty impressive. Neither chef, nor a casual cook cannot leave it without some shopping — the variety of olive oil is unbelievable.

In the evening, chef of one of the best restaurants of Cabris «l’Atelier À Cabris», Arnaud, will show us how he uses flowers in his dishes — especially in deserts!

Day 6.
A masterclass from an Italian chef Andrea Giuseppe Gallo will take place. Italy is not that far away, and Provence has taken the best of it. We will learn how to cook a proper italian pasta, risotto and many other tasties. And of course will eat it all afterwards with great pleasure!
But do not be afraid to gain weight — we will work it all out after lunch, when a great hill-walk is planned. We will walk to a small village Gourdon, situated on top of a mountain. We will get there, wandering mysterious hidden paths with unbelievable views. In the village it will be possible to visit local craft shops, which are very difficult to leave without goods, have to admit.
After that, we will climb even higher, but do not worry — not on foot anymore. And from there, from far-far away above the clouds, you will see the whole Provence below your feet! There we will have a picnic with traditional snacks and, of course, rose wine.

Day 7.
In the morning we will do some food shopping! Visiting local craft shops, markets, pastries, where you will see, taste and try a lot of different amazing tasties and fascinating things, both to eat and to take home. The favorite is sweet-shop, where you can get things like violet-petals in sugar, flower syrups, liquors and jams.

After that we will make a feast! Learn how to cook provencal chicken, duck fillet, and much more. And also deserts, and a party cannot happen without them! Then we will feast, drink wine and discuss what we’ve learned, and what we did not — as cooking is a very deep topic.

Departure 20.04.2014 — Transfer to Nice (airport or city center).

Price: €2200 per adult. For couples and kids there are discounts.

Price includes:

  • Breakfasts on terrace with amazing view on Côte d’Azur
  • 5 cooking masterclasses (workshop, ingredients)
  • Excursions and tastings
  • Dinners, picnics and 4 suppers
  • Vehicles and guide
  • Transfer Nice — Cabris

Additional costs:
— Residence (Please see below the list of suggested residences)
— Ticket, visa (if applicable) and insurance

Suggested hotels and guest houses:

1.Auberge du Vieux Château — Cabris, France

2.L’Horizon Hotel — Cabris, France

3.La Rochelière — Tourrettes sur Loup, France

4.Le Mas du Naoc — Cabris, France

5.La Marlette — Cabris, France

For families and groups of friends it is possible to book a villa with few bedrooms, swimming pool and breathtaking view on Provence.

Who will be with you:

Саша ДемьяненкоSasha Demyanenko — Chef de Cuisine of Tastes of Provence tour. Will make your trip tasty! No… VERY tasty! Will teach how to cook with french accent and basics of professional cooking.

Елена ТоннельеElena Tonnelier — Sous-Chef and the spirit of the trip. Will help with basics of provencal cuisine, show the secret paths to places, where you can gather aromatic herbs and will make you feel home in Provence.

Андрей ТоннельеAndrey Tonnelier — Our Lead, with capital latter, as you can see! Will show the most hidden, unknown yet magical places of Provence. Will tell stories, that you would never hear on group bus-tours. And will make sure, you fall in love with Provence!

To apply, and with any further questions, please contact — elenatonnelier05@gmail.com, sasha@cookingtime.ru

You can also ask questions in comments below.

To be continued!